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We believe our role as Bee Keepers is to educate others about the Honey Bees, as well as the benefits of natural honey they provide for us.  We promote "Local Honey" because it not only taste better, but because it is remarkably better for you!  We offer free recipes and tips for cooking with pure honey on our site because Local Honey really is that much healthier for you and your family.

We would like to thank their mentors Alex Ernst and Bob Dressen as they guided us our first few years and still help us in order to be certain colonies are healthy and produce a bountiful harvest.

Each year we have an open invitation to our annual Honey Harvest Day.  We invite anyone interested in learning more about the honey bees and the extraction process to stop by our house to help or just tour the operation.  (Bees will be flying around).  In 2015 our Honey Harvest Day will be Saturday September 19th.  Click here for details!

Brian Pfieffer

Larry began raising bees with his neighbors after visiting the Bee Exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair.  Roger Olson of the Minnesota Honey Producers Association answered many of his questions and shared his passion and his experiences with honey bees. Larry enjoys working with the bees as well as spending time with the farmers where the colonies are located.  Soon after purchasing his first two colonies it was evident Larry was going to need help with his newfound passion.

Arlene likes the bees but what she really loves is selling the honey at the Farmers Markets in the summer.  She enjoys educating the customers about the benefits of local honey, pollen and propolis.  Arlene always has some of our famous "Cinnamon Creamed Honey" available for sampling.  A popular item for all ages at the Farmers Markets are the "Flavored Honey Sticks".

Brian works with the bees and really enjoys hiving the new colonies in the spring. With the help of his father, they find new locations to place hives each year as we expand.  Brian makes a fantastic "Tour Guide" on Honey Harvest Day, showing visitors the hives and the harvest process.    If your getting started, Brain can help set you up.  Brian's family is also very active and helpful with the bees.  His daughter Liz loves working with the bees, especially hiving new colonies and Honey Harvest Day, his other daughter Emily loves Honey Harvest Day. She recently began working with the University of Minnesota Bee Lab.

Larry and arlene hill

we started by making Local Honey

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